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We carry a wide variety of boots including those for structural firefighting, law enforcement, wildland firefighting, military and EMS personnel.

Check out all footwear we offer from our vendors websites below. If you find anything that interests you please call our toll free number or fill out the form below.

Don’t forget, Haix boots are under New York State contract through Haight Fire and Safety so come on in and get equipped right away.

Haix Footwear

HAIX is set to revolutionize boots for firefighters for the second time in the shape of the FIRE HERO- the safest fire fighting boots ever. Visit Distributor Website

Weinbrenner-Thorogood Footwear

Weinbrenner Shoe Company has been both a leading manufacturer and a pioneering force in the American footwear industry since beginning operations in 1892, initiating many of the safety and job-fitted design elements that are common today. Weinbrenner Shoe Company’s dedication to craftsmanship, expertise, and innovations continues today. As seen in Weinbrenner shoes and boots, it’s a philosophy proven to be Working Over Time.
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