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Our Services

SCBA Air-pack Service

Haight Fire is glad to announce the merger of Sperian with Honeywell and is honored to have the opportunity to work closely with Honeywell.  Over at Haight we are glad to help you or your fire department with any SCBA issues.

Haight Fire is an authorized distributor for Honeywell and is on call for any sales or service needs.  Haight Fire also has trained and certified technicians on call and in house to help you get your SCBA back in service.

Our Process

When you bring a piece of breathing apparatus in for service, we will assure you that you will feel safer than you did before you brought it in.  

Our Technician’s service includes:

  • Yearly service on your airpack
  • Flow testing
  • All repairs…major and minor
  • Mask cleaning