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Vehicle Systems

A vehicle suppression system extinguishes any fire that is caused in the engine compartment of a vehicle. Whether it is a dry chemical or clean agent, the systems are designed to extinguish the fire and keep the operator as well as the passengers out of harms reach. These systems can be discharged automatically or manually. If the system happens to discharge automatically, a detection system is installed by the driver to alert the operator that there is a fire inside the engine compartment.

How We Help Your Business

Haight Fire deals closely with local racing teams as well as local bus manufacturers. We service and install all types and sizes of vehicle suppression systems. This includes dry chemical systems as well as clean agent suppression systems. Our trained staff will have no problem helping you decide which system is right for your vehicle.

Our Vehicle Suppression System Inspection Includes:

  • The required annual inspection and service on your suppression system
  • Visual inspection on the cylinder
  • Thorough inspection of the system and check all lines for any blockage or tampering