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Whether you are looking to protect a small vehicle paint booth or a large paint booth such as a bus or truck, Haight Fire has you covered.  Haight Fire uses an ABC dry chemical powder which suppresses more fire, by volume. ABC dry chemical knocks the fire out quicker and can help to secure fires from re-igniting.  Many customers ask, how does the system work when there is nobody present?  The great spec about the suppression system is that it is capable of being an automatic detection system that will operate in case of a fire anytime, 24/7.

What to expect when your system is serviced by Haight Fire
  • Semi-annual maintenance by a certified employee
  • A visual inspection to see that your hazards have not been changed since your last inspection
  • A visual inspection on all heat detectors, pneumatic cylinder, dry chemical cylinders and all appropriate brackets
  • The system will be tested to make sure all heat detectors are reading correctly, and the alarm is registered during a discharge. (Your dry chemical cylinders will not be emptied during this test.)
  • Remove all blow-off caps and check for obstructions and corrosion. Any nozzle or blow-off cap that is missing or damaged will be replaced.
  • A visual inspection on all piping will be done to make sure it is properly attached to your system
  • A visual inspection on all pressure gauges to make sure they are in the “Green Zone”
  • Visually inspect and investigate the entire system for mechanical damage, tampering, insure the pull seal is installed and the manual lever is in the “Set” Position
  • If during the inspection any part of the system reveals excessive corrosion and/or damage, the effected area shall be replaced as per NFPA-17;Section 9-5
  • At the end an inspection report including all findings and recommendations shall be provided to the owner or management upon request.