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Clean Agent FM 200 Fire Suppression

FM 200 fire suppression systems (clean agent) are used in protecting server racks, computers, telecommunication devices, libraries, museums or any other sensitive equipment that would normally be destroyed by a water suppression system (sprinkler system or a dry chemical system).

Unlike a sprinkler system or a dry chemical system, clean agent leaves no residue behind. Therefore, after the fire is extinguished, there isn’t any chemical or water flood clean-up necessary.

How We Help Your Business

FM 200 & Novac 1230 are the most common clean agents used in today’s market. Haight Fire can design, install and service the clean agent system that best fits your protection needs.

After installation semi-annual inspections include but are not limited to:

  • A drip test shall be performed.
  • Each detector shall be checked and tested using methods specified in NFPA 72.
  • The agent quantity and pressure of refillable containers shall be checked.
  • The weight and pressure of the container shall be recorded on a tag attached to the container.
  • The contractor shall advise the owner or owner’s representative when the cylinders, continuously in service without discharging, are due for 5 year testing.
  • Piping shall be inspected in accordance with good commercial practice.
  • The piping system shall be securely supported
  • Valves shall be checked against mechanical, chemical or other damage.
  • Protected Enclosure