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Suppression Systems

Kitchen Systems

Don’t let the threat of a kitchen fire hover over your shoulders any more. At Haight Fire, we not only service kitchen systems, but we make sure that you are UL 300 compliant and are also in compliance with NFPA 17A……read more

Clean Agent Systems

Clean agent fire suppression systems are used in protecting server racks, computers, telecommunication devices, libraries, museums or any other sensitive equipment that would normally be destroyed by a water suppression system……read more

Industrial Systems

Whether you are looking to protect a small vehicle paint booth or a large paint booth such as a bus or truck, Haight Fire has you covered. Haight Fire uses an ABC dry chemical powder which suppresses more fire, by volume…….read more

Vehicle Systems

A vehicle suppression system extinguishes any fire that is caused in the engine compartment of a vehicle. Whether it is a dry chemical or clean agent, the systems are designed to extinguish the fire and keep the operator as well as the passengers out of harms reach…….read more