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  • Drager UCF 9000

    Unlike the UCF 7000, the UCF 9000 is capable of capturing films and individual photos of not just the displayed thermal images, but also from real digital images. With this option, you can make a live recording of real operations and training situati... read more
  • Fire Hose

    Not only do we fix your fire hose, we sell fire hose as well.  We will be more than happy to help your department get the right hose on your truck.  We can get hose at whatever diameter you need to how ever many lengths you want.  Be sure to ask a... read more
  • Footwear

    We carry a wide variety of boots including those for structural firefighting, law enforcement, wildland firefighting, military and EMS personnel. Check out all footwear we offer from our vendors websites below. If you find anything that interests you... read more
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers

    We carry a full line of Amerex and Badger fire extinguishers.  We have your general ABC extinguisher as well as your clean agent extinguishers such as Halon in all sizes from 2.5 lbs to 30 lbs.   Before you buy any fire extinguisher, it is importa... read more
  • Fire Hose Nozzles

    Haight Fire carries a wide variety of fire fighting nozzles including Akron.  We carry every nozzle from selectable gallonage nozzle to foam nozzle and even self inducing nozzle.  Not only do we carry Akron nozzles, but we carry all of Akron’... read more
  • Fire Hose Adapters

    We have a large variety of hose adapters in stock.  We carry everything from .5″ to 5″ adapters; hose to pipe thread and pipe thread to hose.  We carry adapters for fire departments as well as adapters for irrigation pumps and can order... read more
  • Made To Order Badges

    We can customize any badge you want. Please visit the Smith and Warren Website below to see what options they have to customize your badge. When you are done viewing the website feel free to give us a call or fill out the form below to get a quote. ... read more
  • Flashlights

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    Whether you are a firefighter looking for a head lamp or a homeowner looking for that reliable flashlight to have in case of an emergency, we can help you.  Haight Fire carries a wide range of flashlights.  Type of lights include : Tactical, Head L... read more
  • Rescue/ Extracation Tools

    Hydraulic rescue tools are used by emergency rescue personnel to assist vehicle extrication of crash victims, as well as other rescues from small spaces. These tools include cutters, spreaders, door busters and rams. Genesis Tools Genesis Rescue t... read more
  • Flood Pumps

    Before mother nature decides to be cruel and dump rain on us for days be prepared to save yourself and your belongings with a wide selection of our Flood and Zero clearance pumps. The past few years have brought devastation to many, leaving most peo... read more
  • Fire Hoods

    Haight Fire carries a huge selection of hoods so don’t waste your time looking online.  We carry all types of hood material including, Carbon, Nomex, PBI, and P84.  Come in today and let one of our knowledgeable salesman get the right hood on... read more
  • Gloves

    We carry a huge selection of gloves from firefighter extraction to fire police gloves.  Don’t wait for your order to come in the mail, come on in and check out our huge selection of gloves ranging from TechTrade to Shelby. Please feel free to ... read more
  • Helmets

    We carry a wide variety of helmets for structural firefighters including a ton of attachments from flashlights to face guards and we can customize any shield you want. We work closely with Cairns and Paul Conway to make sure that you get the best fit... read more
  • Protective Clothing

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    Come in and check out the latest protective gear from jackets to turnout gear.  Don’t waste your time guessing what size will fit you best online, come in and try on the latest protective gear the industry has to offer. Please feel free to che... read more